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Are you looking for high-quality, progeny-tested, sheep semen in Indiana? If so, you have come to the right place! Viking Show Lambs and Genetics is a premier distributor of fresh and frozen ram semen and LAMB GENETICS in the state. Our sheep semen is derived from legitimate, industry-leading herd sires that retain bloodlines from several famous club lamb producing rams, including Rainman, Miller the Driller, and 803. This is why we are known for producing the highest-quality Show Lambs in terms of genetics and performance. And now you can too when you choose us for all your lamb genetic needs!

If you are ready to turn your breeding season into a success, CONTACT US today for the finest selection of lamb genetics in Indiana! We accept all forms of payment, including cash, checks, invoices, and major credit cards. Call 812-871-5700 to inquire about our 2019 A.I. SCHEDULE , Lamb Semen PRICES, and more. 


Viking Show Lambs and Genetics retains a vast selection of first-class, champion stud rams, including reference sires, market rams, buck lambs, service sires, and more. You can trust that our flocks are carefully selected and bred to ensure the highest quality performance and genetics. CONTACT US today for information about procuring QUALITY BRED SIRES or sheep semen in Indiana. We also sell premium ram semen, fresh or frozen! In the meantime, look below for a quick peek at some of our most admired Viking stud rams below!

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Bulldozer x Ficticious

Bullseye x Duck Dynasty x Young Jock

King x Big Stick Daughter

Fortune x Stetzin x Superduty

Shoot Yea x Tuff

Steel Banana x Stetzin x Superduty

Post  x 318(White Rock) x White Rock
Cool Banana x Real Steel x Mudcat x Stud Duck
Super Star x Big Stick
Scorpion x Bullet
803 x Rainman x Miller the Driller 

Stetzlin x Creole x Brittany (Miller 376)

Ben Franklin x Stetzin (Scorpion’s Mom)

Dirty Banana x Trigger

Salute x Stetzin x Creole x Spice Girl

Mud Cat x Super Duty

True Blood x Classic/Cabaniss 69 

Strange x Trunk 

Super Duty Son

Johnson 56 x Stitzlein

Bullet x Trigger x Legacy

Moxi (Super Duty Son) x Super Duty Daughter 

Trunk x Long John x Leo x Leo

Creole x Super Duty’s Mom (Classic)

Trigger x Troy 

White Rock x Trunk 

Marcantel 43 x Scorcher daughter

Reel Steel x Mudcat

Rumor x Masterpiece 

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