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Indiana’s Finest Premium Lamb

Viking Lamb LLC is your greatest source for fresh, locally-farmed lamb in Indiana! Our family owned and operated sheep farm provides the finest quality lambs and lamb meats to local Hoosier communities and businesses, year-round. For more than 20 years, we’ve delivered healthy and tasty lamb meat to homes, restaurants, retailers, college universities, and more – all across the state, and even throughout the country – at the most affordable prices!

Our lambs are locally-born and raised right here on our farm, located in Morristown, Indiana, and fed an organic diet of grain feed, pasture grass, and spring water, and then finished on corn to enhance the flavor profile of the meat. All of our lamb meat is USDA inspected and certified, state certified, and entirely hormone and antibiotic-free! Choose from a wide selection of premium cuts of lamb, including whole lambs, half lambs, lamb brats, lamb patties, ground lamb, French racks, shoulder steaks, summer sausages, and much more!

100% Growth Hormone & Stimulant-FREE!

Whether you are looking to diversify your restaurant menu with farm-to-table options, or simply need some fresh cuts for your next backyard barbeque, we are the lamb meat providers to choose for high-quality, flavorful lamb meat, GUARANTEED! We cater to numerous types of buyers, from private to wholesale. Order over the phone or via email, and place custom orders, bulk orders, reoccurring orders, deliveries, and more! Contact us at 812-871-5700 and speak with a friendly staff member to learn more about our farm and our lamb products, today.

Quality is GUARANTEED!

*Our lambs are only given antibiotics in emergency situations to prevent death. In the rare case that we do this, we wait 60 days for the medicine to pass. This ensures that all antibodies are removed from the lamb’s system.

1634 E 1000 N
Morristown, Indiana 46161