Our Lamb

On our farm, we pay meticulous attention to our flock’s nutrition, health, and well-being. Our flock of high-quality rams, bucks, sheep, and lambs comfortably roam around on 30-plus acres of land and fed an organic diet of grain feed, pasture grass, corn, and spring water, to bring about the finest flavor profiles imaginable. We process our lambs early on, between 4 and 5 months, to ensure a “true” lamb meat look and taste. This is why our fresh LAMB MEAT is lighter in color, more tender, and sweeter in taste!

Our top priority at Viking Lamb LLC is to maintain the highest quality lambs and provide the finest quality meat. You can find our lamb meat at several Indiana restaurants, farmers markets, butcher shops, and more! Or you can simply place a direct order over the phone or via email, and choose from countless CUTS OF LAMB to be delivered right to your door! Call us at 812-871-5700 to learn more about our locally-born and raised lambs and available cuts of lamb meats any time.

Absolutely No Added Growth Hormones or Stimulants!

1634 E 1000 N
Morristown, Indiana 46161